Hi, my name is Vegan Vicki.

Vegan Vicki grew up in Cleveland, Ohio but has strong roots planted deep in the South.  Vegan Vicki spent many summers and hours in the kitchen watching and learning traditional cooking methods from her family.  After a diagnosis of lung cancer (nonsmoker) back in 2008, she began to research various causes of cancer.  When recovering from having her lower left lung removed,  Vicki knew she needed to change her lifestyle, first becoming a vegetarian, then switching to veganism. 

She is a self-taught vegan chef, who has focused her talents on developing and perfecting vegan recipes to not only please the palate but to feed the vegan soul.  She also wants to help people live a more holistic lifestyle.  She is the owner of Urban Sweetness, an all vegan culinary services company,  in Cleveland, Ohio.  She is currently studying to become a Certified Holistic Health Coach.   

Vegan Vicki has a strong commitment in changing the way you think and look at food, health and wellness.  Feel free to leave a comment or follow Vegan Vicki on social media!



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